Mitsubishi Eclipse

Mitsubishi Eclipse Crossover lr
By Tim Saunders
Like your favourite coat, a Mitsubishi always has a particular smell and feel, I find. And that’s very reassuring because you know what you’re getting. Always good build quality and a robust practical vehicle that’s satisfying to drive.
Its new Eclipse Cross is available in three options: 2, 3 or 4 and as either 2WD or 4WD. Prices start from just over £21,000 and rise to over £28,000 for the Cross 4 4WD. It is the latter that I test, complete with its twin glass roofs and helpful parking camera. It’s an attractive offering, with hardwearing leather seats and a plethora of luxury features including heated and powered front seats, power folding wing mirrors and air conditioning. Not to mention the touchpad and touchscreen. The children particularly enjoy locking and unlocking the car, which can be done via a small black button on the driver’s or front passenger’s door handle as long as the keyfob is present.
My favourite aspect has to be the two glass roofs; one for the front and one for the rear. What a great idea and it really does bring light into an otherwise dark cabin. Of course this is nothing unusual in the world of sports utility vehicles because any worth their salt also have such features. But Mitsubishi has been making SUVs since 1984 when it introduced the Shogun to the UK, which became the company’s most successful SUV. They have all that experience in this field that other manufacturers do not. Added to which you might not ever think or wish to drive a Ford or a Hyundai off road but the 4WD Mitsubishi will welcome such an opportunity and not disappoint.
Driving the Eclipse Cross 4 is enjoyable, aided by the simple to use automatic box. Simply select ‘D’ and kick the accelerator, not forgetting to release the electric handbrake, of course. It does also have an intelligent cruise control that tracks the traffic in front and automatically slows the vehicle, if required. It is possible to override the cruise control by braking or accelerating and once you stop doing this the cruise control will take over again.
At speed there is road noise in the cabin, not helped by certain road surfaces. It is quick and responsive. Over a long journey the front seats are not as supportive as I would like but they are easy to adjust thanks to being electrically operated. On a hot day the air conditioning is welcome.
In common with all SUVs the high ride height gives the driver a good command of the road ahead, a useful aid to overtaking when not on motorways or dual carriageways.
The reasonably sized boot is large enough for a pushchair and other bits and pieces but there is no spare wheel should there be a puncture.
It’s an attractive vehicle with a striking and imposing front. In my opinion its rear haunches look a little awkward from the side with hints of Honda but straight on it has an attractive derrier.
Over the course of the test the Eclipse Crossover returns around 35mpg.
Facts at a glance
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 4 4WD
OTR price from: £28,480
Engine: 1.5-litre petrol
Top speed: 124mph
0-60mph: 10.4secs
Power: 120bhp
Economy: 35mpg


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