Honda Insight

By Tim Saunders

If the environment is to be saved then compromises must be made. No longer can we dash about at breakneck speed without giving a second thought to carbon monoxide emissions. Or perhaps manufacturers need to raise their game…?
Japanese car manufacturers Toyota and Honda have been at the forefront of this revolution by developing vehicles that are more environmentally friendly.
Honda’s hybrid electric and petrol engines are now available across the majority of its range (in its CR-Z, Civic, Jazz and Insight models).
There was a family gathering in London and usually I’d have gone by coach or train because they tend to be cheaper and less stressful alternatives to driving in the capital.
But Honda loaned me an Insight, its family hybrid, which is so environmentally friendly it’s exempt from the London Congestion Charge.


Price: From £14,995 OTR
Model tested: £18,890
Road tax: £0

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