Cosatto Moova car seat


Choosing the right car seat is difficult.

My wife and I know because it is only now that 19-month-old daughter Harriett has her third one, that we are finally satisfied.

When she was born we had a Mothercare model, which didn’t offer the padding and support that we hoped, although it was easy to manoeuvre and slotted to the accompanying pushchair with ease. But this model was recalled as it was not fire safe.

The replacement Britax model was a disaster. With a mix of Chinese instructions and no useful advice we quickly became disillusioned with it. Harriett was uncomfortable and the height of the straps, which couldn’t be adjusted, were too low for her despite it being for babies up to 13kg. Harriett was only 9kg.

After much research we found the Cosatto range of car seats, available through Toys R Us. We were instantly impressed. There is plenty of padding with good quality fabrics on the Moova - Group 1 car seat - Hello Dolly - meaning that little Harriett feels cossetted and cosy.

“It’s nice and high up bringing her in line with the window so that she can look out and enjoy the car ride,” says mum Caroline Saunders.

“Harriett really enjoys car journeys now and I can relax knowing she is comfortable. It’s nice that she can get into the seat herself - it’s much easier. With the old seat I had to bend down and ease her into it, all the while trying to ensure that I didn’t hit her head on the roof. Life is much easier now and Harriett and I prefer the seatbelt fixing around the base rather than the seat.”

The Moova is easy to operate, has useful simple to follow instructions on either side of the product, and is supremely comfortable judging by our daughter’s reaction. She also enjoys the fact that it is forward facing so she can now see mummy or daddy driving and dish out plenty of advice. She loves spotting cars – perhaps unsurprisingly one of her favourite words.

The three-point seatbelt is slotted through a metal clip (one on either side so that the seat can be used on the left or the right hand side of the car) and then through a plastic part of the base. The belt is then pushed through a hole to the other side and the buckle clipped into the seatbelt slot. A firm and secure fit.

Already this seat has been used in a new Vauxhall Astra and my own 10-year-old Ford Fiesta. 

Overall, the Cosatto gets a big thumbs up from all of us, especially Harriett.

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