Sekonda Tachymeter 500

By Tim Saunders 

Diving watches have long been the preserve of the wealthy man.

For instance, an Omega will set you back over £3,000 but that’s a drop in the ocean if your name is James and you drive an Aston Martin.

And so those on a budget, and let’s face it, most of us are, will be interested to learn that Sekonda has introduced one for under £100.

Its stainless steel Tachymeter 500 not only looks the part but it comes with a two year guarantee and it can be worn at depths of up to 100m under water. I am a great fan of the metal bracelet, which is harder wearing than the leather equivalent.

“It reminds me of that one James Bond wears,” says my wife, Caroline as Skyfall, the new James Bond film, appears at cinemas around the UK. “Doesn’t it look meaty – it compliments your suit.”  Just the sort of comments you want to hear.

Not just a dress watch, it will withstand anything that everyday life throws at it.

In the same way that a desirable car boosts the confidence of its owner, so too, does the Sekonda Tachymeter 500.

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