Kia XCeed GT Line S 1.5 TGDi

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By Tim Saunders

Youngest daughter Heidi (10) has recently decided that her favourite colour is now green and so she is thrilled to see that the Kia XCeed GT Line S 1.5 TGDi is finished in a not so subtle shade. There aren’t many vehicles about with such a finish which means that double takes are regularly received.

Externally it is finished with a black grille and alloys, which seems all the rage at the moment on many vehicles from Hyundai to Range Rover. Power folding wing mirrors and lights that appear near the front door handles at night help to make life easier.

Inside there are lots of cubby holes and Henry (7) enjoys exploring where they are, discovering a place for glasses tucked away near the rear view mirror and lifting up the lid of the front centre armrest. In the back Harriett (12) finds that there is a ski hatch cleverly concealed in the back. She’s growing, well they all are, and there seems a good amount of legroom in the back for her, particularly.

This top of the range model, priced between £25,000 and £32,000, comes loaded with goodies including front and rear heated seats, a heated steering wheel and bucket front seats that really give a sporty feel. All of which enhances the experience. The driving position is good, helped by the electrically adjustable driver’s seat. It’ll potter about at 30mph quite happily and when required will push its way from a side road onto a busy motorway with ease, thanks to ample acceleration.

The overall finish, which includes a pretty luxurious black fabric, is pleasing, if rather dark inside but at least there’s that glass sunroof for lovers of light. I like the six-speed manual gearbox, too, which is decisive – in stark contrast to the notchy one in my wife’s Corsa. With a 0 to 60mph of 8.7 seconds it’s not lightning quick but does it need to be?

Most of our driving is local and 30mph zones are all too common, so there is little need for a super fast car these days. Venture onto the motorway and speed cameras are everywhere. Where’s the joy? Country lanes, that’s where. Thank goodness. It’s springtime and the sun appears, meaning that we can head to the South Downs with the large glass sunroof open. It’s good to see a sunroof; I’ve always enjoyed the wind in my hair. When we arrive a simple push of a button on the boot lid sees the power boot open to reveal a large enough boot for me to sit in to put my walking boots on.  

A Kia has always represented good value for money, because of the seven year warranty that continues to come with all its cars.

Facts at a glance

Kia XCeed GT Line S 1.5 TGDi
Price: between £25,000 and £32,000
Top speed: 129mph
0 to 60mph: 8.7secs
Economy: 42mpg approx
Power: 158bhp


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