Autoglym Winter Collection

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By Tim Saunders

As the temperatures drop during winter life becomes increasingly tough for the motorist.

Just getting into the car can be a problem. On an icy day a friend of mine swears by dipping the key to his old car in boiling water and then inserting it into the lock. But you don’t need to do that anymore I tell him because Autoglym de-icer can be sprayed anywhere on the car including the locks, without damaging the paintwork. You can’t say that about many de-icers. Any ice on the windows can be easily removed by the de-icer and scraper that form part of the Autoglym Winter Collection.

The next hurdle is the inside of the windscreen which invariably will be caked in condensation and in older cars even ice. The Autoglym microfibre cloth makes very light work of removing this leaving no smears as you can see in the video at The collection also includes All Seasons Quick Clear screenwash. The 500ml container makes up to 8 litres of screenwash. It keeps the windscreen clear all year round and removes dead bugs, too.


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