Thule Touring 100 roofbox

Thule roofbox lr

Thule 100 Touring roofbox fitted to a Kia Sorento
By Tim Saunders

When there is little space left for luggage, the Thule roofbox is a must. Even though we opt for the smaller Touring 100 model it surprisingly fits our pushchair and three sizeable bags, two of which are Thule Chasm duffel bags. That roofbox in itself is deceptive.

To fit it is simply a matter of fitting the roofbars first and then attaching the roofbox to them. It takes a novice like me just over an hour to do this. 

I have never fitted one until now and confess to being a little confused by the instructions so much so that after successfully fitting the roofbars I venture to my local branch of Halfords where expert fitter Colin happily shows me how to fit the roofbox. It’s actually very simple as you can see in the videos. While driving with a roofbox it is advisable not to exceed 83mph (135kph).


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